You get in the Prius and head to the trial with the wizards and the table-tennis Olympian….

The Invitation : A Choose Your Own Pathway Adventure

One story. Five blogs. Infinite paths. Your choice. 


Resigned to the fact that you are never going to turn up in your costume (some Finder you are!) you shake off the red-headed companion and reach for the handle, open the door and shuffle into the back of the Prius next to Zhang Jike, the Olympian Gold Medalist. This day really is starting to feel like last year. Will you ever get to wear a costume?
“Why hello Finder” Wizard Number One says, turning his head and squinting at you above his glasses.
“Um….hello” You mutter. Should you remember this guy? Seriously, how much punch did you consume last year.

“We didn’t want you to be late…again, Finder. We grabbed Zhang as your plus one. You did manage to organise your four ping-pong balls and packet of paper clips, right?” he glanced back at me, a smirk forming across his face when he spotted the container of matzoh balls and some Scotch tape. “Gosh, really? Again? I keep telling the Court Of Incredible Magic that you don’t take your role seriously but they just won’t listen. You’re going to change that today.”

The problem is, you do care. You care a lot. But just like Wizard Number One you truly feel that you don’t really deserve the title. It wasn’t one you had earned, rather it had been thrust upon you when your dad had disappeared a few years back. A real Finder would be organised. A real finder would have a costume.

In what feels like a blink of an eye the Prius comes to an abrupt hault outside the local Seven Eleven. Everyone, even Zhang Jike get out leaving you sitting, confused. You jump as Wizard Two pokes his head through the window

“You coming, Seeker”

You step out of the car, carefully looking around. Seven Eleven?

You follow the wizards and Zhang Jike into the store and wind your way to the back of the store. Wizard One opens a freezer door and Wizard Two walks into the freezer followed by Zhang Jike. Wizard One motions you inside. Curious, you follow.

The freezer is cold. Freezing. You walk further into the freezer. Further still. It grows darker. It becomes still. You can hear the footsteps of your companions in front of you and behind but then they start to petter out. You are alone. You have arrived.

Slowly your eyes make out shapes in the darkness. You are facing the Court Of Incredible Magic and their League Of Strange.

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