Story Time : Introducing the Love of Reading

Story Time : Introducing the Love of Reading

For as long as I can remember I have almost always had a book or two beside my bed. My earliest memories of bedtime from my childhood revolve around stories read aloud to me by my parents. Books could be found in every room of our family home. I was surrounded by them.

There was no question that I would continue to spread the joy of reading when my own children came along. My picture book collection expanded to include titles they would enjoy. Recently I introduced chapter books which we read together nightly.

The great thing about travel and adventure is that you can bring a book along with you. Indeed, books can also lead your imaginations on an adventure making them the most cost effective way of seeing the world.

Today I’m introducing a new section to the KidBucketList:  “Story Time” where I will introduce titles of books we are reading. Some you may also like to add to your bookshelf.

Story Time : Introducing the Love of Reading

I quite like Mem Fox’s proposal that parents read 3 stories with their children each day. It could be the same story repeated three times, or three different books. The choice is yours. Each week I will gather together 7 picture books and a chapter book that I will share with my two kids each week. Sometimes there will be more (given Miss N’s love of reading there is no doubt she will pour over many more!), but on other weeks we may indeed repeat the same 3-4 books throughout the week. My hope is that by the end of 2015 we can create a list of 100+ books.

Please join our weekly Story Time!


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