Sailing the Seven Seas : Should We Consider a Family Cruise?

Sailing the Seven Seas : Should We Consider a Family Cruise?

When discussing the Kid Bucket List with others I am often asked why we haven’t included a cruise on our list. To be honest, the thought has never really occurred to me as it instantly conjures up an image of cocktail dresses, over social travellers and some calamity or another – I obviously watched the Love Boat as a kid.

Recently, two events have occurred which have piqued my interest about the whole cruise concept and challenged my opinion. Firstly, my good friend Deneille and her family sailed off on a P&O Cruise earlier this year and flooded my Facebook thread with amazing images. Secondly, I was invited to attend Jetstar’s announcement of their new Cruise Guru partnership where the option to explore the Pacific Jewel was provided and the ‘real’ side of cruising explored. (I find this really exciting as Jetstar customers are now able to book their cruise holidays online at using the unique technology of Cruise Choice, powered by Cruise Guru.)

Sailing the Seven Seas : Should We Consider a Family Cruise?

Typically T and I are quite spontaneous when it comes to travel adventures. We stalk the airlines for great prices to travel to a list of destinations and pounce on great deals that meet our strict budget requirements. We travelled Sydney – Darwin – Sydney during the July holidays for under $1000 in airfares with this strategy (thanks Jetstar!). We need to be strategic and stay within the school holiday time frame due to our work commitments. Amazingly, many of the cruise options are PERFECT for this and make an overseas trip possible for under $2000 for a family of four (food, accommodation and transport all within that price).

I’ve read the literature and I think I have a great handle on the whole cruise concept now. So what are the pros and cons of securing a cruise for a family?

Pros of Cruising

Unbelievable cheap for what you get (A quick check of the latest Jetstar Cruise options and I’m blown away by how little I would need to spend to cruise the South Pacific)
Ocean views
Kids Clubs (P&OEdge – the largest adventure program at sea is now onboard Pacific Jewel and is phenomenal. 20 activities that include high rope swings, laser tag, a flying fox and all other types of activities will keep your kidlets busy for hours so you CAN finally read that novel you’ve had your eye on)
Everything is included – meals, accommodation and activities

Cons of Cruising

The potential of seasickness
Restricted to the confines of the boat until it docks

Sailing the Seven Seas : Should We Consider a Family Cruise?

I’m really keen to hear what you think about cruises? Would you go on one? Have you been on one?

So are we adding a cruise to the Kid Bucket List? You need to head across and see for yourself.

*Please note, KidBucketList continues to be an advertisement free zone. This post is not sponsored. I just really like the idea of a cruise.


5 thoughts on “Sailing the Seven Seas : Should We Consider a Family Cruise?

  1. Love cruising – leaving on one on Saturday!! Heading to Noumea & Vanuatu with my sister and our best friends. I’ve done this cruise before when our kids were about 14 and 12 and we loved it. The only thing is our kids were at “that age” where they refused point blank to attend any of the kids club (teen version!) activities, which I think is a shame, but we had a great time just the same.

  2. Have not been on one, had many friends go on them and they love them. I like the idea of all inclusive especially traveling with kids. Disney Cruise is on the list with our 12 y/o….. One day. We have been on all inclusive vacations to Mexico and those were amazing. We travel back to Europe with the kids and that is amazing too. Right now we are exploring the USA, we just got back from a major 3 week road trip 7500 miles to California and the west coast. Oh they make a patch for seasickness, and it works well, I scuba dive and get horrid sea sickness and it does wonders.

  3. Love cruises because we don’t have to worry about the flying but of course with it comes it’s on challenges too..packing for a cruise is also totally diff from a flight haha so u gotta think abit differently…we did a cruise w a one year old in 2012 and heading from another with 2 kids in 16 days time..:)

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