Christmas Gift List : Yearly Subscription Sign Ups

Christmas Gift List : Yearly Subscription Sign Ups

This year we are celebrating Christmas overseas which is changing our gift giving schedule for family and close friends here in Australia. You will note from my last Christmas Gift List – Attraction Memberships – The Perfect Present For The Entire Family that this year I’m embracing the rule of 3: Something to Wear, Something to Read and Something to Experience. I’m thinking subscriptions could fit into the experience slot, right? Hmm…maybe not, but I couldn’t pass up exploring this option further and I have already signed up for Little Passports and Pipsticks!

Christmas Gift List : Yearly Subscription Sign Ups

  1. Little Passports – sends your little one off on adventures around the world for a full year. During the first month they receive a suitcase, passport, world map and a few other extras including their first boarding pass to the online portal. We’ve already signed up and Miss N loves her packs which keep her occupied for a few days. I can’t wait to discover where we are off to next month!. Subscription starts at $10.95 a month. Full details here.
  2. Pipsticks – Do you have a little one who loves stickers? You may like to consider a subscription to this awesome club which offers a monthly sticker pack delivered straight to your door full of stickers in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Pricing starts at $15.00. Full details here. (I signed up to this one too!)
  3. Funky Elephant – is an Australian based subscription which delivers a box full of children’s activities tailor-made for 3 to 7 year olds each month. I haven’t actually used this service yet, but it does look like it would be fun and right up the alley of a few craft kids I need to buy from this year. The service starts at $24.95 a month. Full details here.
  4. Scientriffic: a science magazine for kids is not actually a kit I know, but how can you resist a magazine subscription released by Australia’s own CSIRO the very people who invented WIFI! Each issue is packed full of science news, features, experiments, giveaways and lots more.For only $45.00 a year you will receive 6 issues to Scientriffic and a gift pack that includes 2 back issues (to kick off your kidlets science journey) plus a card with a personalised message. Full details here.
  5. Kids Activities Delivered – is another Aussie subscription service which mixes art and science in a series of boxes ready to engage your children in learning. This little gem of a find allows you to choose the theme that you think will appeal to your child such as Insects, Space, Birds, Ancient Egypt, and Antarctica. You can purchase a one-off box or a subscription for the school holidays with prices from $25.00. Full details here.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of what is available. I’m keen to explore Giftlit which is yet to deliver to Australia and to continue my quest to find interesting subscription services that will engage my children in learning. Both my children adore receiving mail, so this type of gift seems perfect. What do you think?


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