Hidden : Bringing Life to Rookwood Cemetery these School Holidays

Hidden : Bringing Life to Rookwood Cemetery these School Holidays

Earlier this week I wrote about our adventures at Rookwood Cemetery. With such a vast area to cover and only an afternoon to explore we focused on the Catholic section and made a promise to return. I think that is going to happen a little earlier than I anticipated with news of a fantastic opportunity for all of you coming to Rookwood from 14 September to 12 October.

Hidden : Bringing Life to Rookwood Cemetery these School Holidays

Hidden – www.hiddeninrookwood.com.au is an annual exhibition running for the SIXTH time and will be launched on 14 September, 2014. which also coincides with the Rookwood Open Day where you can enjoy a series of Rookwood related talks, musical entertainment, special tours, food stalls, kids entertainment and much more. Fancy that! I love the idea of making the space a positive space.

Hidden : Bringing Life to Rookwood Cemetery these School Holidays

HIDDEN is an outdoor sculpture exhibition that spans the gardens and graves across one of the oldest areas in Rookwood Cemetery. Participating artists reflect on the culture, love, remembrance and historic elements of the site through their sculptures, presenting the audience with an opportunity to witness creative expression in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and diverse historic cemetery. I want to see it and wish Mum wasn’t off galavanting in Europe so she could see it too.

Fiona Heslop, CEO of Rookwood Cemetery, says “This year we have chosen to exhibit works that creatively responded to the themes surrounding this unique and very special site, such as history, culture, remembrance and love.  Rookwood is home to some extraordinary architecture, historic monuments and culturally significant sculptures, not to mention beautiful gardens and a diverse range of typography. HIDDEN reveals all this and more, and will surprise many…especially if you’ve never visited before“.

Hidden : Bringing Life to Rookwood Cemetery these School Holidays

Kids don’t miss out either with Rookwood United Cemeteries scheduling a number of school holiday art workshops where a variety of mediums, techniques and disciplines will be explored. The workshops have been broken into two age groups: 8 – 12 years and 13 – 16 years. Unfortunately Master R and Miss N *just* miss out, but we will be looking at participating next year.  Want to participate? You’ll find the information and registration form here: Rookwood School Holiday Workshops.

Want to know more? Visit the Hidden in Rookwood information site for full details and maps.



One thought on “Hidden : Bringing Life to Rookwood Cemetery these School Holidays

  1. That is really neat. I love visiting old cemeteries looking for the most ancient dates I can find. While it saddens me, because most were babies, it also brings a fresh perspective on the meaning of life for those of us blessed to have lived “long” lives. This event sounds like a cool way to bridge the gap between fear of the unknown and the reality of the duration of fully living our time here on earth. Glad to see something out-of-the-box like this around. Thanks for sharing!

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