Learning to Blow Bubbles with Gum – A New Skill Mastered

Learning to Blow Bubbles with Gum - A New Skill Mastered It was in Perth that Master R declared that he had to learn how to blow bubbles with his Hubba Bubba. Chewing gum was fun but blowing a huge big bubble would make it even better. Mastering bubbles became an obsession and I watched him for an entire day practicing again and again. The peristence paid off and he finished the day knowing how to blow huge big gum bubbles. Have you been trying to teach your kidlet how to blow bubbles but aren’t succeeding? Here are some easy steps to help you explain the process:

  1. Pop a piece of chewing gum in your mouth and chew it until it is nice and soft.
  2. Close your mouth so your teeth bite down. Push the gum flat against the back of your teeth.
  3. Open your mouth and teeth slightly and push some of the gum through the gap so you create air pocket.
  4. Slowly blow air into the pocket around your tongue. Try to regulate the air so the bubble inflates slolwy. Too quickly and you will pop holes in your gum.
  5. if the bubble pops, draw the gum back in your mouth and repeat the process.

What do you think about today's adventure? What would you add?

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