Does Travel Really Make Kids Smarter?

Does Travel Really Make Kids Smarter?

Although we are not nomadic and have a fairly consistent week day routine, my family and I travel more than the average person (or so I like to think). We try to plan visits to local attractions and further destinations each weekend. Sometimes we succeed, at other times the chores get in the way and we fill precious moments with games and laughter at home (and sometimes just the ironing).

I have always wondered whether travels make kids smarter or provide a greater chance of future success and was very intrigued by an article I found on Travel Effect (read it here) which analysed a survey conducted in the USA called “Travel Improves Educational Attainment & Future Success,”. The survey revealed that adults who had taken educational trips as a child where more likely to complete university and on average made $5,000 more than their peers who did not make such trips. Travelling also showed an increase in school engagement and a general increase in school grades. Interesting, right?

Although conducted in the USA, I would like to think that Australian children who travel have positive gains as well. In my own experience, our adventures have increased my kidlets understanding of the world around us and their general knowledge.



2 thoughts on “Does Travel Really Make Kids Smarter?

  1. Phew! 🙂 I think travel definitely makes an impact on kids education. I’ve interviewed young adults who travelled a lot as children and they were the wisest,worldliest bunch I’d ever met. And I’m definitely starting to see the impact it’s having on our kids. Great post! 🙂

    • Thanks for taking a moment to read it! I really do think it has a huge positive impact on our kids. If nothing else, their vocabulary expands

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