Eating Out with Kids – Grano : A Taste of Italy

Eating Out with Kids - Grano : A Taste of Italy

Eating out with kids can be a lot of fun. Since they were a few months old we have been taking our kidlets to cafés and restaurants firmly believing that we, as parents, need to model how to dine. This belief has exposed both our family and palate to lots of experiences from an early age.

Eating Out with Kids - Grano : A Taste of Italy

Fun with napkins

Italian cuisine is a family favourite. With a good friend regularly posting about a restaurant she couldn’t stop eating at, I knew we has to try it.

Grano is hidden away in the Sydney suburb of Wetherill Park. When it’s dark, it can be a little hard to find as it is nestled away from the road in a commercial block on Canley Vale Road. My tip is to use your map app to the Horsley / Canley Vale Road intersection and then follow the music.

My husband and I have travelled across Italy. On our travels we found Italian food to be a little different to that we often see served here in Australia. We could not get enough, and almost became fixtures at Il Tempio di Minerva in Rome it was that good. We are always on the look out for good, authentic Italian restaurants. Grano ticks the box.

The restaurant decor is a mixture of modern and traditional. Candles flicker around the room, with miss matched chairs and benches spread out to create a lovely dining space. We were seated in a great corner that overlooked the kitchen and outside. We could see everything! The bench seating was perfect for the kids whilst us adults say on chairs.

Drinks were served first – in jars! The kids found this amusing. The jars are huge and one glass each lasted them all night. Brilliant!

Eating Out with Kids - Grano : A Taste of Italy

With kids in tow we wanted simple but delicious. We chose an Antipasti as a starter to share followed by pizza. Our waitress was attentive and everything flowed nicely with meals served promptly with minimal wait time. The kids gobbled up everything without needing more. Portions were perfect!

Our Anitpasti was perfect! The salt and pepper squid was super tasty – not chewy, rubbery pieces that are often served. The dipping oil was out of this world. I still don’t know what is poured into the vial to make this oil but I will never forget the taste. Oh my gosh! Perfection. I found myself licking my fingers after each morsel – seriously divine. The kids devoured the plate, tasting everything including the salted olives which they actually liked.

Then our pizzas arrived straight from the wood fired oven. Just like Italy – thin base, an uncomplicated layer of ingredients. Simple. Yummy. Gone in 5 minutes straight. Of course then there was dessert. We couldn’t pass up a Nutella pizza. The kids were actually reluctant to order it but changed their minds on seeing it.

Eating Out with Kids - Grano : A Taste of Italy

“Wow Mummy! That looks yummy!” The arrival of our Nutella pizza

Eating Out with Kids - Grano : A Taste of Italy


Grano has a great atmosphere, attentive staff and a menu with enough on show to fill your tummy without weighing it down. The restaurant welcomes children and makes everyone feel at home with Italian hospitality. Although a little dark (note our dark photography) the ambience is quite trendy with a modern/old Italy feel about it. We will be back!


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