67. Pick chestnuts

Three years ago we started a yearly tradition of driving up the Bells Line of Road into the mountains to go walnut and chestnut picking. It has become quite an adventure starting with an early morning departure and a late return.


I’m a little worried that letting you know about our favourite chestnut farm may result in less pickings for us in 2015, but I can’t help but share. Kookootonga Chestnut & Walnut Farm boasts an established Walnut and Chestnut grove situated on 60 hectares at scenic Mt Irvine. It is open 7 days a week with weekdays quite and weekends (our favourite time to go) bursting with visitors.


The trees were planted moons ago on the hill of a vast paddock. The chestnuts drop their prickly pods which need to be opened with your feet (or glove covered hands). The walnuts are a little easier but make sure you shake them and check they’re full!


One of the thrills of our trip each year is the numerous fruit farms that we find on our way there and the roadside fruit stands many have set up to sell their goods. Apples, jams, pies…..we came home with so much yummy produce.

On the way home we stopped at the the Apple Bar in Bilpin. With no reservation we were thrilled to find a table after a short wait in this busy establishment. Pizzas and cider followed.



Seriously, if you’re in Sydney late March / early April add this to your itinerary.


What do you think about today's adventure? What would you add?

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