37. See how many different shells we can find at the beach

A little confession: I don’t really like the beach. Actually, that’s not completely true. I just don’t like the sand. It gets stuck in all the wrong places and seems to spread.

Since having children I have been trying to overcome this dislike as they adore everything about the beach including the sand. With this in mind I have attempted to add activities to our bucket list that I would have previously avoided.

In late January 2014 we headed off to Bundeena for a day of fun. The water here is super clear and the kids can wade out for at least 10+ Metres at waist depth. You can see crabs walking on sand beneath the water and collecting shells is not to difficult, although most are broken.

While the boys wrestled in the water (bonding, I’m told), Miss N and I collected shells which we then documented. We hope to identify them by name at some stage.




What do you think about today's adventure? What would you add?

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