Fishing Adventures: Catch a Fish


Learning to fish is an age old tradition, yet I never did. It makes me a little queasy really. My children are fascinated and when gifted a rod, reel and tackle box I knew it was one of those things we were just going to have to do. But I was scared……how does one tie all those complicated knots? What bait should we use?

My first source was YouTube and I found this easy video on tying a simple knot.

Bait? Argh, how would I deal with that one? First of all I went to the NSW Department of Primary Industries (check your state legislation) to see what we could and couldn’t use and then took a trip to our local Fishing Tackle shop to find what would be best in our local waters and purchase our recreational license.


Geared up, bait secured and a hot tip from the locals at tackle shop and we were on our way.


We sat for hours talking, reeling our rods in and casting them out again. We didn’t catch a single fish. I was rather happy about that as to be honest, I was quite unsure what to actually do with the fish if we caught it.


The kids were happy too. Apparently this just means we will need to go again….soon.



What do you think about today's adventure? What would you add?

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